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ESBG Perspectives
Early American Studies. An interdisciplinary journal
Early Music
Early Railways
East London Papers
East London Record
East Midland Geographer
East Midland Historian
East Yorkshire Historian
East Yorkshire Local History Bulletin
Eastern Daily Press, The
Ecological Economics
Economic & Social Review
Economic Geography
Economic History
Economic History Review
Economic Issues
Economic Journal
Economic Record
Economist, The
Economy & Society
Edgar Allen News
Edinburgh Journal of Science
Eighteenth Century Life
Eighteenth Century Studies
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Review
Electrician, The
Electrolux News
Electronics & Power
Empire Cotton Growing Review
Empire Review & Journal of British Trade
Endeavour. Review of the progress of science
Energy Journal
Energy Policy
Engineer, The
Engineering Heritage
Engineering Science & Education Journal
English Historical Review
English Illustrated Magazine
Enterprise & Society
Entrepreneurship & Regional Development. An international journal
Entreprises & Histoire
Environment & Culture
Environment & History
Environment & Planning
Environmental History
Ephemerist. Journal of Ephemera Society
Essays in Economic & Business History
Essex Archaeology & History. Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society
Essex Chronicle
Essex Journal. A review of local history and archaeology
Essex Naturalist
Essex Recusant
Essex Review
Esso Magazine
Estates Gazette
Eurasian Studies
European Accounting Review
European Economic Review
European History Quarterly
European Journal of Communication
European Journal of Marketing
European Journal of Scociology
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought
European Planning Stuidies
European Review
European Review of Economic History
Evening Chronicle, The
Evening Mail, The
Evening Telegraph, The [Coventry]
Expertise and the Early Modern State
Explorations in Economic History
Explorations in Entrepreneurial History